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Kayaking Placida and Charlotte Harbor
Near Boca Grande and Englewood, Florida
Coral Creek (inside)

The water is crystal clear in Charlotte Harbor. I think this is one of the nicest estuaries to kayak in all the State. Here we are way back up a creek in the skinny water but you can see the clear rock bottom.

It is surprising that I was able to get pictures with the water this glassy. We usually use this kayak drop on days
where we need protection from the wind. The bays and back-country of West Florida are some of the nicest kayak spots on earth.

A grey pelican waits for the bait to start moving with the tide. Charlotte Harbor has a much larger bird population in the Winter months.

The drop here is a paid private drop at Grande Tours but always good for transition day where you are moving from Central Florida to
Southwest Florida as the luggage is safe in the private parking area.

The tide runs pretty strong and clear in these small creeks off Charlotte Harbor. These creeks are frequented by redfish
and snook in various seasons. This far south, you are just as likely to catch a mess of small snappers as you are a gamefish

I love the way the mangroves reflect off the clear flat water. Some days if the tide is flowing in the right direction, you only steer the kayak but there is practically no paddling. This is the easiest run at Grande Tours and one of our favorite fishing spots, but you can do more complicated trips like out to the bay and up Catfish Creek but you have to kayak up a channel and avoid the motorboats that sometimes come screaming into the marina.

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A big osprey watches all the kayak traffic leaving Grande Tours.

Here he is in flight after taking off from his perch.

further up the creek, but the same pretty reflection on the water.

People come from all over the World to go kayaking in Charlotte Harbor as the signpost attests at Grande Tours.
They have been there so long that they had to put up a new sign post.

Not much of a channel on this creek so the boat traffic is cut down making this run perfect for first time kayakers. Other areas of Charlotte Harbor, you have to compete with the fishing guides running fast in the modified bass boats or airboats into the back-country with big money fishing charters for redfish, snook, trout and further out 150 pound tarpon in the spring and early summer.

Everywhere in West Florida, you will see signs warning you about manatees. We are kind of partial to the slow moving
mammals that have been making a comeback thanks to no wake and slow zones across the state.

Sometimes you are not sure which way to go home so remember your hand held GPS and fresh batteries.

Kayaking at Grande Tours in Placida, Florida. They rent all types of kayaks including touring kayaks, beach bombers and
even kayaks set up for fishing. Captain Marion offers a trip back up into Bull Bay where you kayak one way home.
This one is a full day trip but check the tides, winds and rainy season for this one as it is a full day.

Sometimes you see the occasional guide in a "flats" boat way into the back-country, but only at high tide. These modified bass boats come in on a pretty fast plane to get across the flat water, but the guides are pretty familiar and courteous to the kayaks they share Charlotte Harbor with.

Kayaking Placida and Charlotte Harbor
Catfish Creek (outside)

We try not to go outside on the Weekends as the boat traffic from the marina can be heavy especially in Tarpon season. This is the view looking toward Boca Grande.

Pelicans up in the trees watching for baitfish in the channel.

The marina and apartments are right next to Grand Tours and you have to cross the channel to get to catfish creek. Also, the fishing traffic can be heavy on the weekends if there is a high enough tide for the guides to get into the backcountry.

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